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Trucks – Motorcycles – Pedestrians

If you were injured in a car or truck accident, it’s time to take action. With the Law Office of David A. McLaughlin, Esq. on your side, you can get the representation you deserve for matters inside and outside of the courtroom. Our team has experience working on cases involving cars, motorcycles, bikes and tractor trailers in Tennessee and Arkansas.


Premises and Landowner Liability

You never expected anything like this to happen. But unfortunately, you were injured on someone else’s property. Whether it was at a neighbor’s house or at a neighboring business venue, you got hurt because of something they failed to double-check. Who can you trust to make sure you get what you need to recover?


Dog Owner’s Liability

Every year thousands of people are bitten by dogs and attacked by animals. If you need help after a dog bite, call the Law Office of David A. McLaughlin, Esq. We understand how crucial it is (and how beneficial it can be) to have help from an experienced attorney. With David A. McLaughlin, you’ll have someone who understands the impact of the situation and the severity of your injuries. You’ll have the resource you need during such a perplexing time.


Manufacturer Liability

Our team has helped individuals navigate this specific area of the law to help them recover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. Get in touch with the Law Office of David A. McLaughlin, Esq. right away to ensure you receive just compensation.


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Experience Matters

David McLaughlin has practiced law for 30 years in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi
and believes that individualized attention to your legal matter always produces
better results.

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David A. McLaughlin

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David A. McLaughlin - AV Rated. Licensed to practice law in Tennessee since 1992 and Arkansas since 2007, and Mississippi since 2020

Don't hesitate to call The Law Office of David A. McLaughlin, Esq. in Memphis, TN if you have been hurt. We are committed to your satisfaction. Call us today.

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