Looking into the Past

St. Patrick's Day is always fun in my house. Because of my Irish last name, I can lay claim to having a connection to the Emerald Isle. However, having an Irish last name is only part of my story. Fortunately, my relatives took the time to document the men and women who made the journey for the American Dream. Most of my relatives ventured from overseas to start a life in the United States, and my last name holds part of this... CONTINUE READING

3 Ways to Honor International Women’s Day

On March 8, people around the world will honor International Women's Day. Adopted by the United Nations in 1975, the holiday is meant to highlight the immeasurable accomplishments of women throughout history and draw attention to the ongoing struggle for global ... CONTINUE READING

Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Home Assistant

More and more people are welcoming in the Amazon Echo or the Google Home into their spaces. Everyone knows they make great Bluetooth speakers and can tell you the weather forecast, but they're also capable of ... CONTINUE READING

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