The World of Henry Bemis: Relating Themes in Law

Many of my readers might not be aware, but there's a unique and surreal holiday that takes place on May 11. Twilight Zone Day is a great time for fans to rewatch their favorite Twilight Zone episodes or consider some of the strangest things that have ever happened in their lives. For me, I'm strongly reminded of a Twilight Zone episode called "Time Enough at Last."... CONTINUE READING

Leaving a Legacy of Giving

Your estate plan is far more than just a set of documents. It's a declaration of what you find most important and a roadmap of the legacy you'd like to leave. Not only does a proper estate plan ensure that your loved ones will be taken care of when you're gone, but it also allows you to make an impact on the wider world through charitable giving... CONTINUE READING

Genealogy Sites and the Warming of Cold Cases

We've come a long way in the field of forensic science since 1986, when DNA was first used to convict someone in court. The advent of genealogy testing has been thrust into the spotlight with high-profile cases that were solved by sequestering information from sites like 23andMe and CONTINUE READING

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